Which ITIL Concept Describes Practices?

by Rahulprasad Hurkadli

The ITIL concept that describes practices is the "ITIL Practitioner" certification. The ITIL Practitioner is an intermediate-level certification within the ITIL certification scheme. It focuses on the practical application of ITIL concepts and principles to address real-world challenges faced by IT service management professionals.

Which ITIL Concept Describes Practices?

The ITIL Practitioner Certification Emphasizes the "9 Guiding Principles" of ITIL, which are:

  • Focus on Value
  • Design for Experience
  • Start Where You Are
  • Work Holistically
  • Progress Iteratively
  • Observe Directly
  • Be Transparent
  • Collaborate
  • Keep It Simple and Practical

The ITIL Practitioner course provides candidates with the skills and knowledge to adopt and adapt ITIL practices in their organizations based on these guiding principles. It equips professionals with practical approaches to initiate and sustain continual service improvement (CSI) initiatives, enhance communication and collaboration, and create a culture of service excellence within the organization.

In summary, ITIL Practitioner is the concept within ITIL that directly addresses the practical application of ITIL practices in the context of real-world IT service management scenarios.