Where To Get ITIL 4 Certification?

by Avinash V

You can obtain ITIL 4 certification through accredited training providers, online learning platforms, and authorized exam centers. ITIL 4 is the latest version of the ITIL framework, and it offers various certification levels that cater to different roles and responsibilities within IT service management.

Where To Get ITIL 4 Certification?

Here are some options for where to get ITIL 4 certification:

  • Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs): Accredited Training Organizations are authorized by AXELOS, the governing body of ITIL, to provide ITIL 4 training courses and exams. These organizations offer comprehensive training programs, study materials, and support to help you prepare for ITIL 4 certification exams. ATOs often offer both in-person and online training options, allowing you to choose the format that suits your learning preferences and schedule.
  • Online Learning Platforms: Many reputable online learning platforms offer ITIL 4 courses that you can take at your own pace. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Pluralsight host ITIL 4 training courses led by experienced instructors. These courses often include video lectures, study materials, practice exams, and quizzes to help you prepare for the certification exams.

  • ITIL 4 Certification Providers: Some organizations specialize in offering ITIL 4 certification programs. They provide a range of training options, including classroom-based training, virtual classrooms, and self-paced online courses. Examples of such providers include Simplilearn, Global Knowledge, and Pink Elephant.
  • Authorized Exam Centers: Authorized exam centers are responsible for administering the ITIL 4 certification exams in a controlled and secure environment. If you have already prepared for the exams on your own or through a training course, you can locate an authorized exam center near you to schedule and take the certification exams.
  • ITIL Official Website: The official ITIL website (https://www.axelos.com/certifications/itil-certifications) provides information about accredited training providers and authorized exam centers for ITIL 4 certification. You can use their search feature to find a training provider or exam center in your region.
  • Employer-Sponsored Training: Some employers offer ITIL 4 training and certification programs as part of their professional development initiatives. Check with your employer to see if they provide such opportunities.

When choosing where to get your ITIL 4 certification, consider factors such as the quality of training materials, instructor expertise, student reviews, flexibility of learning options, and cost. Ensure that the training provider or platform you choose is accredited by AXELOS and authorized to offer ITIL 4 courses and exams. Whichever option you choose, obtaining ITIL 4 certification can enhance your IT service management skills and open up opportunities for career growth in the IT industry.

Link To Download Your ITIL Certificate: https://www.peoplecert.org/for-corporations/certificate-verification-service

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