Service Report Template – Example and Format

by Kishan Tambralli

Service Report

Service reporting is a standard process for creating, maintaining, and managing the reports on IT service management. Service reporting through Service Report Template brings awareness and notifies the vital information to stakeholders about the service provider’s operations through accomplishments, issues, breaches, etc. These reports are created in a service report template to capture key information about IT operations, enabling the stakeholders to make important decisions. The main deliverables of service reporting are report templates and reports.

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Service Report Template

Service reporting produces different types of service reports for different levels of management.

  • Reports for Operational Management should be very detailed and contain complete details of every transaction associated with IT services. These reports will generally contain bulky volumes of data, and these reports are normally produced daily.
  • Reports for Tactical Management should have very important details of IT services, operations, and processes; these reports are produced weekly or monthly.
  • Reports for High-Level Management should present vital information which should be easily understandable, accessible, and should give a snapshot of the IT operations and processes.

Service reporting will produce a variety of reports like Informational Reports, Analytical Reports, Compliance Reports, Persuasive Reports, Trend analysis reports, and standard reports (which are ad-hoc, daily, monthly, quarterly and annual).

Important tasks in service reporting are:

  • Data collection
  • Data processing, based on the audience
  • Review
  • Approval
  • Data Publishing and distribution

Service Report Purpose

The purpose of Service reports is to give a summary of the overall quality, issues, risks, compliments, and complaints happening at the IT service delivery and operations.

Service Report Objectives

Provide accurate & useful information on IT services to the requestors and stakeholders.
Provide a consolidated summary of IT services and operations.
Help the management to make quick and wise decisions with the reports provided.

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Service Report Template

 Service Report Development Life cycle

Service Report Template

Data Collection

Data collection is the foundational activity for service reporting which involves collecting the data about the organizational IT services and their associated information.
Data collection is performed through regular checks on IT services and their information from different IT processes. Data collection can also be performed automatically through the usage of automated tools and technology.

Data Processing

Data processing is the activity that organizes the data into a structure to present the data into organized and useful information. Data processing also eliminates discrepancies, like redundant information, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in the drafted reports.

Data Review

Data review is the activity to verify and validate the data collected with respect to the requirements made by the different stakeholders. It identifies and evaluates the ability of processed information and determines whether if it fits the business needs. Reviews are performed both technically and editorially.

Data Approval

Data approval is the activity that validates, authorizes, and approves the reports so that they can be sent for distribution.

Data Distribution

Data distribution is the activity that publishes and distributes the data to the requestors and management. This activity publishes the reports in appropriate formats, fonts, and structures using different tools.

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