Customer Complaint Report Template

by Maya G

Customer Complaint Form

These days when most services and products are in abundance and are accessible worldwide, a company’s reputation and overall customer feedback score are crucial in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

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Customer Complaint Report Template

The WOM (word of mouth) rule states that a satisfied customer will sing the company’s praises to three of their acquaintances, while a dissatisfied customer will let eleven of their acquaintances know that the service/product wasn’t according to their expectations. This rule makes it absolutely necessary for the company to allow its customers to complain about their service or product, and the best format to achieve this is a complaint report or customer complaint form. These reports are usually on the company’s website, but can also be received via mail, fax, or phone call. Once a complaint is received, the sooner the complaint is addressed the better.

Customer Complaint Report Template

The attached template contains the following sections –

The basic details of the complaint

These include the following attributes

  1. Who complained (Name)
  2. Their means of communication (E-Mail & Phone Number), and how they prefer to be contacted
  3. The method in which the complaint was registered
  4. When the complaint was made (Date and time)
  5. What the complaint category is. This is done by the complainer and helps in the initial assigning and prioritization of the complaint
  6. The complaint number: a sequence running number for follow-up and tracking

The complaint itself

This section allows the complainer to write any and all things which are perceived as not according to the promised value for money.

How the complaint was resolved

  1. Who is in charge of resolving the complaint
  2. When they received the complaint and took ownership of resolving it
  3. Which actions were taken in order to fix the problem, what was the root cause of the problem, and which (if any) compensation was offered as a result of the problem
  4. When the issue was resolved to the customer's satisfaction, and the ticket was closed
  5. Whether an escalation of the problem is required

Required Improvements

If any lessons were learned during the course of addressing the complaint, this section will list them. This is to be filled in by the owner of the ticket (from the service desk), and to be authorized (or declined) by the approver of the complaint resolution


since any improvement measure has vast implications on the organization, it must be approved before it is implemented. This is usually done by the service desk manager or the CIO of the organization.

Customer Complaint Report Template

How It Fits Into the ITSM Methodology

Since some complaints have to do with the IT services of the organization, the ITSM tries to ensure that the IT service desk handles all of the complaints which are aimed at the services offered by them. The constant improvement and learning from past mistakes is a cornerstone of the ITSM methodology, and this helps in aligning the IT services to the business goals of the organization.

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