ITIL Is Owned By Which Company?

by Nash V

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is owned and managed by AXELOS Limited. AXELOS is a joint venture company formed by the United Kingdom's Cabinet Office and Capita plc. This partnership was established to take over the ownership, development, and maintenance of various best practice frameworks, including ITIL.

ITIL Is Owned By Which Company?

The transition of ownership to AXELOS occurred in 2013, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of ITIL. Before this, ITIL was managed by the United Kingdom's Cabinet Office, which was key in overseeing its development and updates. The transfer of ownership to AXELOS aimed to provide a dedicated entity focused on the ongoing enhancement and global promotion of ITIL and other best practice frameworks.

AXELOS' role extends beyond just ownership. The company is responsible for managing the continued development of ITIL, ensuring that it remains relevant in a rapidly changing technological landscape. This involves updating the framework to reflect emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in IT service management.

One of AXELOS' key objectives is to facilitate the adoption of ITIL across a wide range of industries and organizations worldwide. To achieve this, AXELOS provides training, certification, and resources to help individuals and organizations implement ITIL principles and practices effectively. The company offers various ITIL certifications at various levels, allowing professionals to deepen their understanding of IT service management and demonstrate their expertise.

AXELOS collaborates with a global community of IT professionals, practitioners, consultants, and experts to gather insights, feedback, and real-world experiences. This collaborative approach ensures that ITIL remains a dynamic and adaptable framework that addresses the evolving needs of the IT industry and business landscape.

ITIL is owned and managed by AXELOS Limited, a joint venture between the United Kingdom's Cabinet Office and Capita plc. AXELOS is vital in maintaining, updating, and promoting the ITIL framework while providing resources and certification opportunities to support its global adoption. This ownership structure helps ensure ITIL's ongoing relevance and effectiveness in guiding organizations toward optimized IT service management practices.