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by Elina D

Service Delivery Management

Service delivery status report is a top-level service delivery management report highlighting all the achievements, progress, and issues happening in ITSM projects.

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Service Delivery status report

Service Delivery status report

Service Delivery Status Report

The service delivery status report must be regularly sent to the customer management team based on the agreed requirements like e weekly/ monthly/ quarterly. This report has to be prepared by the IT service provider’s team ensuring all the data is accurate and signed by all the IT service provider’s top-level management.

Why do we need a service delivery status report?

Below are some more detailed points elaborating the importance of a service delivery status report:

  • To communicate regularly with the customer team.
  • To provide accurate, useful information on the ITSM projects to the customer team.
  • To provide a consolidated summary of IT service management projects.
  • Help the customer management to make quick and wise decisions with the reports provided.

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