Project Status Reports (42 templates)

Project Status Report Template
Project Status Report Template PPT Download
Portfolio Status Report
Project Health Card
Project Status Report Template
One Page Project Status Report
Program Status Report Excel Template
Quarterly Change Management Dashboard
Client Status Update Excel Template
Project Status Report
Business Dashboard
Executive Summary Template
Executive Summary Report Template
Heatmap Template
Monthly Report Template
Project Scope Template
Daily Update Template Excel
Email Update To Manager
Email Update To Stakeholders
Project Update Brief Outlook Template
Daily Status Update Excel Template
QA Status Report Template Excel
RAG Status Definitions
Detailed Project Status Report Template
Simple Project Status Report
Project Details
Excel Weekly Status Report Template

Project Status Reports (42 templates)

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Project status reports are a great way to keep track of project progress while saving time and energy. A status report is typically delivered by an individual or group that has the authority to act on behalf of all stakeholders in the project.

Do you have stakeholders, investors, and other important figures hounding you for updates on your project(s)? Wouldn’t it be great if you could professionally, efficiently, and attractively present them with the information they’re asking for without having to scramble to throw something together? Well, with our Project Status Reports now you can! Featuring 24 awesome and professional templates, you’ll now be able to quickly and painlessly provide updates without having to stress overthrowing something together. So, go ahead and relax because, with these templates, you’ll leave inquiring minds totally impressed! 

Format: MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint

    • Includes 24 ready to downloads templates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
    • A great resource to have on hand for anyone in charge of projects with investors and stakeholders involved.
    • Helps foster stronger relationships between investors/stakeholders and project managers.

    Templates covered: 

    Templates Included in the Download -

    1. Client Status Update Excel Template
    2. Daily Status Update
    3. Daily Status Update Excel Template
    4. Daily Status Update Word Template
    5. Daily Update Template Excel
    6. Detailed Project Status Report Template
    7. Email Update To Manager
    8. Email Update To Stakeholders
    9. Excel Weekly Status Report Template
    10. Executive Summary Template Word
    11. Executive Summary Template
    12. Monthly Status Report Template
    13. Monthly Status Update Template
    14. Multiple Project Status Report Excel
    15. One Page Weekly Status Report Template
    16. Online Business Dashboard
    17. Program Status Report Excel Template
    18. Project BRMS Approval Required
    19. Project Health Card Template
    20. Project Scope Template
    21. Project Status Report Excel
    22. Project Status Report Heatmap
    23. Project Status Report PPT Template
    24. Project Status Report
    25. Project Status Update - Zumba
    26. Project Update Brief Outlook Template
    27. Project Update Detailed Outlook Template
    28. Project Zumba - Open Action Items
    29. Project Plan Sharing Template
    30. QA Status Report Template Excel
    31. Quarterly Sales Report Template
    32. RAG Status Definitions
    33. Simple Project Status Report
    34. Status Update (24-05-2021)
    35. Status Update Request Template
    36. Task Update Action Required
    37. Team Status Report Template
    38. Team Status Report Dashboard
    39. Timeline Status Report Template
    40. Weekly Status Update Minutes of Meeting
    41. Weekly Status Update MOM Outlook Template
    42. Weekly Status Update

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      Top 10 Project Management Templates

      • Agile Project Management Dashboard Template
      • Capacity Planning Excel Template
      • Employee Skills Matrix Excel Template
      • Master Excel Project Management
      • Multiple Project Status Report Template
      • Multiple Project Tracker Excel Template
      • One Page Project Manager Template
      • Project Charter PPT Template
      • Project Timeline PPT 
      • Team Resource Plan Excel Template

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