MOM Change Advisory Board Template

by Kishan Tambralli

What is Change Advisory Board in ITSM?

The ITSM methodology aims at performing any and all changes according to a set of processes and methodologies, and the CAB (Change Advisory Board) board's goal is to facilitate the changes by assessing the change requests and prioritizing the approved ones.

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MOM Change Advisory Board Template

The CAB should be made up of professionals from both the IT and the business side of the organization, to ensure that the IT services are aligned with the business needs. This also aims at ensuring that the proposed change doesn’t overlook any requirements of other groups in the organization (accounting, HR, etc.). In order to achieve this, the change advisory board members should be made up of employees from different sections/divisions of the organization.

Change Advisory Board Template

The MOM (Minutes of Meeting) change advisory board template of a CAB meeting captures the following information:

  1. At the top of the page is the company logo and its name.
  2. The first section includes the basic details of the meeting:
    1. When the meeting was held (date and time).
    2. Where it was held (physical location and any other means of video/audio conferencing).
    3. When the MOM was sent out (by the recorder).
    4. What the goal of the meeting was.
  3. The next section is the list of participants, where each participant is recognized by their name, role, and any other comment. For example the chair of the meeting, the fact that they participated via video conferencing, etc.
  4. The agenda of the meeting appears next, where each topic has a specified timeframe and the presenter.
  5. The last and most important section of the MOM is the action items table. In this table, all of the action items are recorded and assigned to various employees (not only the ones who participated in the meeting). The table includes the following information:

A number of the action item (In an ABC format). Usually a simple running number list.

The action item itself. This is the main column of the table and should explain in detail exactly what needs to be done in order to solve the problem (or a part of it).

Due Date: Presents when the owner of the action item needs to complete it.

Owner: Lists who is responsible for performing the action item. This may require more than one person, but shouldn’t list more than one. In this case, the one owner is accountable for the action item being completed. The owner may appear in the name, or by role.

Comments: This column may be filled in during the meeting, or before the next one in which it will be reviewed.

Change Advisory Board Template Best Practices

The MOM should be displayed to all the participants during the meeting so that the action items are visible to all. Any presentations or other relevant material should be distributed to the participants in advance of the meeting.

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