Internal Audit Report Template

by Maya G

Internal Audit Report

The purpose of an internal audit is to assure that the organization is complying with its processes, procedures, and any governmental / industry regulations. The internal audit report aids the organization in improving its effectiveness in the control and governance areas while providing an objective source or independent review. Internal Audit Report Template includes advice and proposed solutions to any problems or issues which come during the course of the audit.

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Internal Audit Report Template


Since everyone wants to do well in any form of test, there is considerable pressure on the auditor to provide positive feedback regarding the tested subject. This requires integrity and accountability from the auditor, as well as a strong moral compass.

The audit report includes advice and proposed solutions to any problems or issues which may have arisen during the course of the audit.

Internal Audit Report Template

The template includes the following sections –

The audit report basic details

  1. The timeframe of the audit: this is usually over a period of time, between a few days and a few weeks (depending on the scope of the inspected team)
  2. When the report was issued
  3. Who conducted the audit and issued the report. This can be a team of auditors, depending on the scope of the audit
  4. The scope of the audit: What the auditors reviewed, and in which team/division of the organization

The Audit Trail

This is the heart of the report and includes three main sections

  1. Documentation: this section details which documents were reviewed over the course of the audit. Each document must be identified according to its specific sequence number, and contain a short summary of what the document contains
  2. Interviews: this section shows which employees of the audited team were interviewed, what their role is, and how they relate to the scope of the audit
  3. Nonconformities: If any instances where the actual actions were taken aren’t in line with the official process of the organization, this section will highlight them. The usual structure of these bullets is the problem, the proposed solution, and who will implement the solution (the owner of the solution, if it is approved).

Internal Audit Report - Review and Authorization

This is the last section of the report, which details when the initial and final drafts were reviewed and by whom (Name & Role). The section also lists who approved the proposed solutions, and when this was done. This is usually done by one of the top management officers of the organization. The last row presents the name and signature of the auditor.

How It Fits Into the ITSM Methodology

An IT audit focuses on making sure that the IT services are aligned with the business requirements of the organization, and that the processes and methodology of the service desk come as close as possible to providing seamless continuous IT services.

The auditor examines processes and past occurrences that may have not been in-line with the methodology of the ITSM and the organization's goal and suggests ways of fixing these nonconformities.

The auditor may be an employee of an organization or an employee of a reputable company that specializes in auditing.

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