How Much Does ITIL Exam Cost?

by Avinash V

The cost of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) exams can vary based on several factors, including the level of certification, your geographic location, the exam delivery method, and the exam provider.

How Much Does ITIL Exam Cost

Here is a general overview of the potential costs associated with ITIL exams.

  • ITIL Foundation Exam: The cost of the ITIL Foundation exam typically ranges from $150 to $500 USD. This cost may include the exam fee, study materials, and sometimes a training course. Many training providers offer bundled packages that include study materials and exam fees.
  • ITIL Intermediate Exams: The cost for ITIL Intermediate exams can vary based on your chosen module. Since several modules are available (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement, and more), costs will depend on the number of modules you wish to take. Each module's exam cost may range from $250 to $500 USD.
  • ITIL Expert Exam: To achieve ITIL Expert certification, you must accumulate credits from various Intermediate modules and complete the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) module. The cost will depend on the number of Intermediate modules you take and the MALC module, which may range from $250 to $500 USD per module.
  • ITIL Master Certification: The cost for the ITIL Master certification is not as straightforward, as it involves a practical assessment that often requires significant time and effort. This may include expenses related to preparing and executing the real-world project. Training providers may offer guidance on project development, which could have associated costs.
  • Exam Delivery Method: How you take the exam can also affect the cost. Some exams are available for online proctoring, while others may require you to go to a testing center. Online proctoring might have additional fees, but it can provide greater flexibility regarding where and when you take the exam.

It's important to note that these figures are estimates and can vary based on factors specific to your region and chosen exam provider. When considering pursuing an ITIL certification, candidates should budget for the exam fees and potential costs associated with study materials, training courses, and other resources. Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision about your ITIL certification journey.