Who Certifies ITIL?

by Avinash V

Axelos, a global best practice solutions provider, award ITIL certifications. Axelos is a joint venture between the UK government's Cabinet Office and Capita plc, a consulting and professional services company. Axelos owns the rights to ITIL and other well-known frameworks such as PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) and MSP (Managing Successful Programs).

Who Certifies ITIL?

Axelos is responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating the ITIL framework and its associated certification scheme. This includes designing the certification levels, syllabi, exams, and training materials. Axelos collaborates with a network of accredited training organizations (ATOs) to deliver ITIL training courses and administer certification exams.

Here's how the ITIL certification process works:

  • Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs): Axelos works with a network of ATOs worldwide. These ATOs offer ITIL training courses that cover the content and concepts outlined in the ITIL certification syllabi.
  • Training and Learning: Individuals interested in earning an ITIL certification can enroll in ITIL training courses provided by ATOs. These courses are designed to help participants understand ITIL principles, practices, and processes.
  • Certification Exams: Candidates can register for ITIL certification exams after completing the training. The exams assess the candidate's understanding of the ITIL framework and their ability to apply its principles to real-world scenarios.
  • Certification Levels: ITIL certifications are offered at different levels, ranging from Foundation to higher levels like Intermediate, Expert, and Master. Each level requires passing the corresponding exam. The Foundation level serves as a prerequisite for the higher levels.
  • Exam Results and Certificates: Once a candidate successfully passes an ITIL certification exam, they receive a certificate from Axelos. This certificate formally recognizes the individual's knowledge and competence in ITIL.

It's important to note that ITIL certifications are globally recognized and respected within the IT industry. They demonstrate a professional's proficiency in IT service management and their ability to contribute to the effective delivery and management of IT services.

Axelos periodically updates the ITIL framework to reflect changes in technology, industry practices, and market needs. As a result, ITIL certifications are periodically revised to align with these updates. This ensures that certified professionals remain current with the latest best practices and concepts in IT service management.

Overall, Axelos is the organization responsible for certifying individuals in ITIL and maintaining the quality and relevance of the ITIL certification scheme.