MOM Template for ITSM Problem Review

by Alex .

After multiple incidents were reported to the service desk and a problem was recognized, the ITSM methodology recommends to convene a MOM meeting in order to review the problem and make recommendations on how to resolve it. During the ITSM MOM meeting, similar problems that occurred in the past are reviewed, in hope of using the same (or similar) solution to resolve the current problem by using the MOM Template.

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ITSM MOM Problem Review

The MoM (Minutes of Meeting) template records the following issues and details –

  • The major problem which was discussed during the meeting
  • The location of the meeting
  • Who recorded the minutes, and who was the organizer (chair) of the meeting
  • Basic details: Date, Start Hour, and Duration of the meeting
  • The participants of the meeting, with the following information regarding each participant
    • Name
    • Title
    • Means of communication (E-Mail, Phone, etc.). This is optional
  • The agenda of the meeting, with the following information –
    • Start and finish an hour of each topic
    • The topic which will be discussed
    • Who will present the topic
  • The action items were decided upon in the meeting. These usually appear in the form of a table, and include the following columns –
    • A number of action items. Usually a simple running number list
    • The action item itself. This is the main column of the table and should explain in detail exactly what needs to be done in order to solve the problem (or a part of it)
    • Owner: Lists who is responsible for performing the action item. This may require more than one person, but shouldn’t list more than one. In this case, the one owner is accountable for the action item being completed. The owner may appear in the name, or by role
    • Due Date: Presents when the owner of the action item needs to complete it
    • Comments: This column may be filled in during the meeting, or before the next one in which it will be reviewed

How It Fits Into the ITSM Methodology

In order for the organization to be as efficient as can be, each problem should be reviewed before its solution is authorized. This review should include past solutions to similar problems, and brainstorming the recommended solution. Meeting in small groups can achieve this goal, and the result of each meeting should be clear action items written in an MOM. The service desk should always have a recommendation on how to solve the problem, and this should serve as an agenda for the meeting. Of course, the recommendation doesn’t necessarily have to be approved.

Best Practices for MOM

  1. The MOM should be displayed to all the participants during the meeting so that the action items are visible to all.
  2. Any presentations or other relevant material should be distributed to the participants in advance of the meeting
  3. The group should be made of many different roles, in order to refrain from group thinking and to force the members to explain themselves in simple language.

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